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Religion Replaces Science in Fresno College

Posted on Tuesday, February 9, 2010 in Religion

Full Article: ACLU: FCC instructor giving anti-gay views

A Fresno City College instructor is wrongly presenting religious-based and anti-gay views as fact in an introductory health class, the American Civil Liberties Union charged Monday.

The organization outlined complaints against full-time instructor Bradley Lopez in a letter sent to City College President Cynthia Azari. The ACLU — which requested a response by Feb. 15 — demanded the campus ensure that health-science classes teach unbiased and medically accurate information.

One student who complained about Lopez was Jacqueline Mahaffey, 24, of Fresno. She said Lopez assigned Bible study as homework, said that homosexuals were “degrading society” and contradicted the textbook by insisting that abortion — not cancer — was the leading cause of death. “He was teaching things that were definitely not in the curriculum,” said Mahaffey, who took the introductory health class last semester. She said she stayed in the class — even earning an “A” — but registered her concerns with college officials.

I should be shocked, right? The Bible as a textbook for a health-sciences class?

And it keeps getting worse! He is teaching that abortion is murder, saying hell is the real global warming we should worry about, and presenting religious-based and anti-gay views as science and fact.

Let’s please get this guy out of the classroom!